Tracking down the history of WHART isn't an easy thing. The earliest internet news starts showing up around 2011 but the foundations that spawned WHART go back even further.

Urban legend says that Joe, Kevin, and Helen were sitting around a bar discussing wildlife attacks when the idea spawned to create a training program in the early 2000s which has evolved into WHART.

(...they may have actually said the "hey, this is great idea but wow this is a horrible acronym...".)

That's the basis for the actual "Origin Story" (and the fact that, years later, the acronym stuck!)... sitting around a bar in the early 2000s talking over drinks.
...but isn't that how many legendary ideas start?

Sharing Knowledge

Regardless of the original history of WHART, one thing is certain: the people involved in providing the training are 100% focused on sharing knowledge.

While it's mentioned on the bottom of every page, no one from the training teams gets paid to do this. Actually, we often have to use our personal vacation time and we're usually thrilled to have all of our expenses reimbursed. Currently the website (and all related fees and time) are 'donated' by our Program Administrator (Stephanne Payne). All of the pre- and post-training time (i.e. all of the planning and creating to make a training happen) is also donated time by the team.


...because we believe in the value of content and the value of sharing that knowledge.