Planning for the 2021 WHART/WHIT certification course is just starting as we take offers for hosting consideration.

Check back soon, we'll keep this page updated as announcements are released. This training will provide certification in dealing with severe human incidents and attacks.

Current locales/agencies who have indicated an interest in hosting (put here for reference so you'll know if you need to contact us or if someone else already has) are: AK, AZ, OR, and NWT.

Who should attend: Professionals responsible for first response and/or scene investigation related to severe or fatal wildlife incidents (attacks).

Training Overview

This training really is a one-of-a-kind, highly immersive learning experience covering skills related to safely guiding teams during a response, forensic techniques, response tactics, scene integrity, and public affairs/media relations.

Take a moment to review examples of our Attendee Overview and an example of a prior agenda.

Attendee Overview


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