We know that lecture based training can grow monotonous so we strive to remain learner-centric in every aspect. We break up the day with hands-on practice sessions, providing attendees with some physical practice to go with the mental practice, helping drive the objectives in.

Our rigorous and unique certification program offers a unique opportunity that you won't find anywhere else! Our certification means 3.5 full days of training (including break-out lab sessions) and day of field investigation. Oh, and of course we test attendees on their knowledge of the program instructions as part of the certification program (which really is a one-of-a-kind!).

Immersive Scenarios

Attendees are all involved in highly immersive, one-of-a-kind Field Scenario Training (FST) in one way or another. That means you’ll be part of a small team of attendees working your way through a mock-investigation. You get the full experience as your team works the scene, collecting evidence, dealing with witnesses and the media, and who knows what else may come your way! It's a fantastic way to experience a unique hand’s on (yet consequence free) practice.

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