Conference funding is generally handled through attendee registration funds. One of the most common questions we're asked is "how much does it cost to put on a conference?". There's actually no easy answer for that. Our costs are driven by how many attendees are coming, because we maintain a strict student-to-instructor ratio of about 5:1. So, the more people that attend, the more instructors we provide. Would there be easier or cheaper ways to do that? Sure. But we stand behind our conference as the best in the industry and we're the only conference that offers certification and testing. To be able to really ensure our attendees know what they need to know (which is what matters most!), it's a standard we maintain.


Non-Conference Activities

Our non-conference activities, like the hosting for this website and all of the coordination and communication efforts done by the team, aren't funded. These activities and costs are either time and/or money donated by the member of the team. The web is maintained and funded by the Conference Coordinator (who also handles Legal Liability training). All of the time involved in prep - budgets, gear packaging, presentation creation, etc. - done by all the team members is donated time. This is the only way that we can ensure the costs for the actual conference registrations is for the conference - if any agency has excess funds, they use those at their discretion (but these funds have never made their way to our team).