What to Expect

If you decided to host a training event, we provide you with ample support. You can expect to select the venue (as well as nearby greenspaces for scenario training), finding role players, and handle some other local considerations. Outside of that, we can help you with all of the other aspects. We remain flexible with who handles the registration fees, materials, and everything else. The only thing that must be 'guaranteed' is the reimbursement for team expenses. See "Funding" for a bit more about how our services are funded.


Thinking About It?

We're asked pretty reguarly how much an event costs. That's a difficult question because the cost has a lot of variable. Our instructor-to-student ratio is 1:5-8, we require a solid 5 days with students, and we have many custom hands-on 'material' for each team; so, the amount of attendees drastically affects the price. The location is also a consideration for things like airports and shipping for supplemental materials.