James started his career as a fisheries warden in Kitmat, British Columbia. He was responsible for enforcement of all salmon regulation and there was no shortage of work.  It was a dream job, but he truly wanted to be a British Columbia conservation officer.
In 1992 he was hired and stationed in Creston, British Columbia.  Creston is in the Kootenays and there is abundance of fish and wildlife work.  He has had a wonderful career catching poachers and dealing with all manner of wildlife complaints.

Currently, he is a certified human wildlife instructor, member of the British Columbia predator attack response team and a predator attack instructor.

Getting to know him

For the past 16 years, he has been involved with the trans-border grizzly project.  This involves radio collaring grizzly bears in the valley and monitoring their movements.  The project has shown the fragmentation of grizzly bear population due to human interaction.

James Barber