Ben began his career in early 2001 with the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service.  He is stationed in the West Kootenay region in the south east portion of the province.  This area has a very high number of annual human/wildlife conflicts which means that Ben has been involved with numerous predator attacks on humans.


Throughout his career he has been involved with and witnessed the response the BC Conservation Officers’ started (and continue to develop).  The majority of the predator attacks Ben has been involved with are black bear related, in an urban setting, resulting in minor injuries; however, he has experience in grizzly bear attacks as well.   When it comes to cougars… well, Ben has more experience than anyone really cares to have.  Ben has actually been attacked by a cougar and learned a lot about the determination these predators have. 

Ben has a vast amount of experience mitigating and capturing predators which have come into conflict with humans.  Generally, these conflicts revolve around non-natural food conditioning or predation on livestock. He has been trained as a Predator Attack Team (PAT) specialist also been accepted as an instructor, beginning a new and exciting chapter of his career. 

Getting to know him

Ben looks forward to teaching and learning with officers and other wildlife professionals, both around BC and within other North American jurisdictions.

Ben Beetlestone

Good likeness, eh?