Len Butler has been a Conservation Officer for over 38 years in Alberta and British Columbia. He has been involved with Wildlife Conflict and Predator Attack long before the creation of WHART and the BC Predator Attack Teams. Since the inception of WHART and PAT, Butler has supported the specialized training and the continuous improvement of PAT techniques for BC Conservation Officers. Currently Inspector Butler is one of a team of 3 PAT/Human Wildlife Conflict committee members that assist the program by providing guidance and ensuring that continuous development and support for the Predator Attack Team is front and center with management.

Len’s specialty or greatest interest is definitely working on human wildlife conflicts and predator attacks involving grizzlies. As a young problem wildlife officer back in the 1900’s, Len’s skills were honed snaring grizzly and black bears working in camps and catching bears for the wildlife biologist in the area. During his career, he has responded to many human wildlife conflicts including predator attacks on humans involving grizzly bear, black bear and cougar. Len has had the opportunity of being involved in predator attacks as a field officer attending the site, to all levels involved in our Incident Command System.

Getting to know him

Len still lives and breathes being a game warden. Working with his officers involved with the PAT, on these amazing predators, especially griz, is still a highlight. Seeing a program develop under the guidance of all these dedicated CO’s and having the opportunity to assist with this WHART program is a thrill. At this stage in life Len and his wife are settled on a small ranch west of Williams Lake. There is no cell and that’s the way he wants it.

Len Butler