Stephanne has been working with different wildlife-human attack/incident response experts since 2013 and has been involved with a number of conferences as the conference coordinator, co-coordinator, analyst and as a presenter. She is proud to have worked with some amazing experts from across the United States and Canada. Since 2003, Stephanne has worked in performance optimization as a communications and performance improvement analyst, specializing in process improvement, communications, and training development and design (skills that complement WHIT | WHART).  Additionally, she supplemented her career and complemented her original degree with a bachelor's degree from Oregon State University.

At Conferences you'll find Stephanne being sort of the logistics, tech, and administative "guru" in addition to presenting on legal liability and social media.

Getting to know her

Stephanne's degree specialization - one which she worked closely with OSU to create - is human-apex predator dynamics (which focuses on melding empircal data of the natural sciences with the cultural data from the soft sciences... or, more simply stated, getting people to understand their role with apex predators and the value those species bring ecologically).

Her trusted and reliable partners include her Anatolian shepherd, “Bandit Mackaye” and her beloved Wheaton Terrier mix “Lei Lui”.

Stephanne Dennis