With 2.5 years of service I am a new addition to the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service and am posted in Vanderhoof, BC.

I am very excited that my interest in predators and wildlife conflict response has allowed me the opportunity to quarry (train) for a spot on the Wildlife Conflict Instructor team. In addition to being the newest member of this team, I am also a Predator Attack Team Specialist and a quarry handler for the hounds. Although I have a lot to learn and many years to go in order to reach the level of knowledge and expertise that many of the other Wildlife Conflict Team Instructors possess, I look forward to the opportunities and challenges to come throughout my career as well as the knowledge I’ll gain through being a member of this team. I am excited to be attending the WHART conference and look forward to meeting and learning from others in this field.

Getting to know her

I am a Northern girl at heart and enjoy spending as much time in the bush and mountains as possible, usually with my boyfriend, Sam. You’ll generally find me on a horse, hunting, fishing, or hanging out on my small hobby farm with the critters.

Amber Elliott