Kevin (or "KVD" as we call him) has been a Conservation Officer for over a quarter of a century in British Columbia. He leads the Wildlife Conflict Instructor Team in British Columbia which delivers training in predator response, K-9 predator tracking, and the Predator Attack Team (PAT). The PAT responds to animal attacks on people.

For nearly 25 years KVD has trained and maintained a predator tracking K-9 unit. He has testified as a subject matter expert in the area of predator behavior, risk assessment and mitigation techniques. KVD leads teams through attack responses and has been involved in major investigations involving fatal and injuries by all of the large predators including two recent investigations involving fatal predatory black bear attacks.

Kevin usually presents a case study that includes findings on one of the most complex fatal mauling involving a predatory black bear attack on a woman. The investigation lasted months involving the capture of multiple bears. The BC team consisted of 15 Conservation Officers working alongside eight other government agencies. It was through the use of DNA and forensics that they captured the offending bear some 13 days after the mauling.

Getting to know him

Kevin has presented at every one of the previous wildlife attack events (WHART) including Yukon Territory, Arizona, Arkansas, and more! He is honored to share his experiences with all participants with the goal of advancing our collective knowledge of the subject.

On a personal note, Kevin enjoys hunting and fishing with his wife Coleen and his three boys: Brock, Cole, and Reid.

Kevin Van Damme