I started full-time as a British Columbia Conservation Officer in 2000, and have been stationed in three very unique and diverse areas of the Province. My first posting was on the very north tip of Vancouver Island in Port Hardy from 2000-2007, where I dealt with a high number of black bear and cougar conflicts. Over those 7 years, there were 7 cougar attacks on humans where I participated on the response teams. This series of cougar attacks garnered a lot of public and media attention, as a result National Geographic came to the area and produced a show in their series “Hunter-Hunted: Cougar Island.”

I then transferred to the Okanagan Region of BC, based out of Kelowna over 2007-2010. This area had a variety of wildlife species and gave me exposure to public safety concerns with animals such as black bear, cougar, coyotes and the odd rattlesnake in a large urban setting.

From there, I moved to the Kootenay Region, with the office in Invermere from 2010 to the present. If you enjoy working with wildlife, this is the part of the North America to be a Game Warden, situated between the Rocky and Purcell Mountain ranges. All the large predators call this area home, and I have been involved with a few black and grizzly bear attacks on humans since arriving. This District sees a high number of predator conflicts with domestic animals and public safety events, which has allowed me to hone my skills in capture techniques for bear, cougar and wolf.

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With the BC CO Service, I have received formal training in WHART [Wildlife Human Attack Response Training] at the very first conference held in Fernie in 2005, PAT [Predator Attack Team] Specialist Certification in 2016, and have recently been asked to join this team of experts as a Wildlife Conflict Instructor. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and learning from others in this elite field we are privileged to have as a career!

Greg Kruger