Ken: "Being a Conservation Officer for the past 27 years in British Columbia has been a wonderful experience."

Ken has been a BC Conservation Officer for nearly 30 years. Since 1990 he has worked in various parts of the province (including Chetwynd, Williams Lake, and Kelowna). As the human population in BC increased (and considering the high diversity of wildlife), a high number of severe or fatal wildlife-human incidents were inevitable. This resulted in Ken's involvement with investigating wildlife human attacks involving every major predator:

  • Black Bear
  • Grizzly bear
  • Cougar
  • Wolf Coyote

  • During 2015/16, he was involved in nine human wildlife attack responses using the Incident Command system and Predator Attack Teams.

    Ken has attended and assisted or facilitated at multiple wildlife-human attack response training events. Interestingly, Ken was involved in the Laird bear project, the Atlin grizzly bear project, the Mackenzie landfill bear project, and the Bella Coola landfill bear project. Ken also has a role with the Controlled Alien (i.e. exotic) Species (CAS) team and, in the course of that role, helped capture 18 crocodilian species for transport (air and ground) to zoos in Ontario and Vancouver (CAZA zoos).

    Getting to know him

    The BC agency established a Specialized Canine Unit and Ken is the Secondary Canine Handler within the Okanagan region. His passion for working with predators has enabled him to become one of the subject matter experts in predator livestock depredation, predator threat behaviors, officer/predator threat assessments and agency mitigation techniques. Lastly, he is part of the Wildlife Conflict Instructor Team (annual training in predator response and human wildlife conflict as part of the Western Conservation Law Enforcement Academy (WCLEA)).

    Ken will tell you, though that: "Of all the dangerous wildlife encounters I've survived, I feel most fortunate to have survived my biggest self-induced threat for nearly 20 years with my very patient and loving wife, Pamela."

    Ken Owens