Todd has been with the Government of Alberta for over 30 years. His current position is the Regional Problem Wildlife Specialist in Central Alberta, Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch, Justice and Solicitor General.

Todd's position has him managing the problem wildlife within 17 unique and distinct districts with most of the issues dealing with Grizzly bears, Black bears, Cougars and Wolves. In Alberta, there are specialized teams of officers called "Predator Response team leaders" or "PRTLs". One of Todd's responsibilities is working with, training and certifying officers into this elite team. These PRTLs are called into investigate the scene, interview witnesses/victims, and capture offending animals. Todd is also involved in training at WCLEA (western conservation law enforcement academy) for new officers in western Canada.

Todd has been involved in fatal and injurious predator attacks involving grizzlies, blacks, cougars and other predators. Over the course of his career, he has developed a passion towards grizzly bears. Like many jurisdictions, these investigations usually fall into the hands of the game warden because they are the subject experts. These can be short investigations or investigations that last years based on fatality inquiries. No matter the circumstances professionalism, thoroughness, knowledge and safety are key importance. "We can train for events... but not until they occur and we test ourselves do we really begin to build our skills," says Ponich.

Getting to know him

Away from work, Todd has a passion for photography. He mixes his passion for the outdoors with it in hopes to bring a taste of nature to viewers. He is never far from his camera.

Todd has been the Treasurer for the Alberta Game Warden Association, and the Western Canadian Game Warden Magazine of the last 20 years. He has a son, Ryan and a daughter, Julie. His son is presently in college studying to become a Fish and Wildlife Officer.

From Todd: "Bio’s are difficult to write about one’s self so hit me up at the event! I like to talk so come bend my ear. ...maybe I’ll do my impression of Kevin Van Damme…the CO, not the fisherman!"

Todd Ponich

In addition to his extensive history in wildlife response, he is an amazing photographer and provided most of the images that are used within the WHIT | WHART site. You can see more of Todd's photographic expertise showcased on his personal Photography site.