Aaron has been a Conservation Officer in Yukon since 2008. He has worked in various other resource law enforcement capacities in Manitoba, Alberta and Yukon since 1998. He currently manages Yukon’s Human-Wildlife Conflict Prevention Program and is the lead Predator Attack Team (PAT) instructor in Yukon as well as delivering training in predator response and firearms. PAT teams respond to animal attacks on people.Aaron has been involved in the PAT response & investigation of several wildlife attacks in Yukon, from bison attacks to coyote attacks on people, including three fatal grizzly bear attacks.

Aaron has delivered PAT training as far north as Herschel Island off the arctic coast where there is a high potential of attacks by polar bears, grizzly bears and muskox. Aaron also instructs at the Western Conservation Officer Law Enforcement Academy as a firearms and wildlife conflict instructor.

Getting to know him

Aaron has presented Yukon case studies at previous WHIT/WHART conferences which highlight how this unique training is so beneficial to the successful response and investigation of wildlife attacks in even the smallest and most remote locations. He has been mentored and trained by the experts in the field from British Columbia and Alberta. Aaron has attended WHART events in Yukon, Arizona & Nevada. He is excited and honored to share his experiences and work with you to develop your skills

Aaron is a proud father of two. He and his wife Amanda, son Reily and daughter Keanna are avid outdoors people. They can be found in their spare time on horseback, camping, fishing and hunting.

Aaron Koss-Young